Your most valuable asset is your tenement portfolio. Maintaining the integrity and ensuring the security of these assets requires diligence and scrupulous attention to detail. Successfully guiding them through the often-changing government and industry regulations, legislations and policies is what we do.

Our experience and understanding of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety helps us to prepare documents in a way that maximises their effectiveness and guarantees you stay in compliance. Knowledge gained through working with federal and state politicians and local councils helps us to give you timely advice that may assist you progress your projects.

Skilled in utilising our knowledge through development of Global Tenements, we can help you track expenditure and use this information to maximum effect in keeping tenements in compliance.

Strong ethics, harmonious relationships and scrupulous attention to detail enables us to keep your holdings in good standing and progress your projects to mining sooner. We provide expertise and advice in the following areas:

Mining tenement administration

Changing to gets for your tenement management is easy

  1. Engage our services by calling us on 08 9091 8525 or email gets@getmining.com.au
  2. Execute GETS Letter of Engagement which we will tailor to ensure your requirements are being addressed
  3. Sign a letter of authority advising your current tenement manager and the Department of Mines that we will be managing your tenements professionally from now on.
  4. GETS will then make all necessary arrangements with the previous tenement manager to handover active tenement matters and to securely transfer your digital and hard copy files.
  5. The transition process is carried out as fast as possible whilst being very thorough – this ensures that active matters are dealt with appropriately and eliminates any risk to tenure during the transition.

We will contact both parties on your behalf and ensure a smooth transition; let us take care of everything.


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